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Outdoor exercises you can do this winter

Winter can be a challenging period for those who are trying to stay fit because you will be indoors most time and the food and clothes inside easily tempt us. However, you do not have to stay ‘trapped’ inside your house; there are some outdoor exercises you can do this winter. Some of them include:


Running is one of the best games you can do outdoors. It helps you to increase your endurance, improve your cardiovascular health, and have some nice-looking legs. So, running has some beautiful purpose too. Besides, running in winter can be a bit of experience, you have some difficulty as caused by the snow, there are a few people outside, so only fewer will stare at you, and you will not get easily dehydrated as you would during the hot weather. You will also appreciate the beauty of a city covered in snow.

Skiing and ice skating

Another outdoor exercise you can engage in is cross-country skiing. It is quite difficult because you need all the muscles of your body and some endurance. It is a good sport but you can have some friends come along with you for fun. It will require some money to do but the experience is worth it. Additionally, you can ice skate too. This sport strengthens your legs, especially the inner thighs with no unneeded stress on your joints. As long as you are careful about the snow, you will be fine.

Ice hockey and snowball fights

Not many outdoor sports provide the fun and conditioning that comes with playing ice hockey. You need some pieces of equipment, ice, and a couple of people who want to burn some calories while having fun as well. After spending an hour ice hockey, then you can reach for a cup of hot chocolate. You can also organize snowball fights. It is a good way to get some light cardio for the cold weather. This is one of the funniest of outdoor exercises. You will be having short bursts of running which will help exercise your arms and core. This outdoor exercise can last for a long time because you will be having so much fun that you may not take note of the time.


Hiking and a friendly wrestling match

Hiking was a major part of human survival for a long time. Ensure you dress in layers of clothing, wear quality hiking boots, pack some essentials before you set out. If you would be hiking for long, you will get tired along the way so it is good you have a couple of snacks with you. Your body will work tirelessly to keep you warm as you spend a lot of energy walking uphill, carrying some weight on your bag. Do not forget to take a first aid kit with you and some fire-starting options. Also, if you have someone ready to wrestle, you can have a friendly wrestling match with them. Since it is winter, the snow will help cushion your fall naturally, so you do not have to worry much about anyone getting injured. You do not have to be a professional before you wrestle. Just grab your partner and try to off-balance them. If you are not used to it, however, a quick wrestling session can have your muscles burning.


Sledding can be beyond a fun thing you do in winter, you can make it a workout with your kids or friends or alone. One way to sled is to run to the top of a hill, slide down and repeat the activity. Doing a few rounds of that will get your heart pumping, and if you are with other people, you can race each other. If your kids are with you, you can pull them around on their sleds, thereby doing a resistance workout. Not only will your kids enjoy themselves, but your legs and arms will be well exercised too.

Kite skiing

Also called snowkiting, kite skiing is one in which you use a parachute instead of a kite to catch the wind. With a parafoil kite and pair of skis, you can learn how to use the wind to push you forward. Even though it requires little effort, it does mean that kite skiing is not good. You have to ensure that you do not get swept off your feet. Look for flat areas or frozen lakes to try kite skiing. If you are not experienced, it is advised that you do not navigate a bumpy terrain.

When going out to exercise in winter, here are some things you must do:

Layer up

It is a cold season, so it is not the time to barely dress. You need layers of clothes to trap warm air in your body. Here is how to dress: wear something made of synthetic fabric to help keep sweat from your skin. If it is really cold, wear another cloth for more warmth, then wear a third layer to protect you from rain, snow, etc. The third layer can be a waterproof jacket, lightweight vest, etc., depending on how cold the weather is. You could check for the right gears to wear while skiing or while being involved in other sporting activities on Gravity Coalition. You should also read reviews about online stores that sell similar products on collected.reviews before deciding which company you will buy from.

Wear bright colors

Black is cool, but it should not be worn when you are going for outdoor exercise. Poor visibility is common during the rainy or snowy season as it is darker. As such, it is tough for other people to see you. Ensure your clothing and gear are brightly colored. You can get a wearable flashlight as well.

Protect the extremities

Your fingers, toes, nose, etc are affected most by the cold because less blood is available in them as more blood is shunted to your core. Wear gloves, headband, hat, etc. All your add-ons should be wool or synthetic so that you will keep sweat away from your skin. For your toes, get a shoe cover that can help keep out the cold. Try protecting your skin too. Keep yourself hydrated and rub on moisturizing lotion. To stop the wind from biting you, cover your face with a scarf.