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Sports-Equipment Reviews: Are They Reliable?


It is easy to find yourself on a fake website where you can be lured into buying fake sports-equipment products at the price of genuine sports equipment products. This is where ReviewsBird steps in to provide consumers with little knowledge to gain insight on shopping online reviews and learn to distinguish the difference between real sports-equipment reviews and fake reviews. Furthermore, real sports-equipment reviews will help you find the best sport-equipment for your home gym.

Best Home Gym Equipment For You

The best home gym equipment for you depends on your fitness goals and your home setup. Are you wanting to build strength or work on your cardio? It may be easier to look for equipment that offers versatility and material safety for your own home. If you are wanting to set up a small home gym in your garage, you will probably be able to fit equipment such as dumbbells and weight benches, a treadmill, indoor cycle bike, small weights, a freestanding punching bag, resistance bands, and an elliptical machine. However, you should always apply proper research and consider factors like price, purpose, warranties, and real customer reviews when looking for home gym equipment online.

The Pros and Cons of Online Reviews

With numerous websites catering from a review section, brands gained or lost value in their business due to positive and negative reviews. The pros and cons have been weighed for a reason and are listed down below:

  1. The Pros of Online Reviews
    1. Provides free advertisement for brands on other websites which improves search engine ranking
    2. The most trusted source of consumer confidence in e-commerce purchasing decisions
    3. Increases conversion rates with the improvement of trust and reputation of the brand
    4. Reduces brand complaints and product returns due to warnings made by previous reviews
    5. Feedback and feedforward makes room for improvement of brand culture
  2. The Cons of Online Reviews
    1. Must keep review up to date with trends to avoid irrelevancy
    2. Disappointed customers have the freedom to post anything on third-party websites
    3. Easily manipulated and systematically biased due to paid reviews

How do Fake Reviews affect Equipment Branding?

Not all brands’ reviews provide honest feedback about home gym equipment regarding the durability, design, and functionability of the equipment. In addition, customers tend to distinguish fake sports-equipment reviews on your website compared to real ones and not trust your brand. Fake reviews create an unreliable environment for customer reviews known commonly as social proof. In reaction to this, the brand will no longer be able to use reviews and an instrument to their marketing campaign through free advertisement. Paid reviews for increased ratings are the most common sort of fake reviews. Moreover, research has shown that 68% of consumers are more likely to trust brands with positive and negative reviews.

10 Ways to Recognize a Fake Site

The internet has become a requisite integrant to the success of the online retail industry. However, a harmful side to the proliferation of e-commerce has also materialized. You can find 10 ways to recognize a fake site that will help you purchase products from online shops safely in the following list below:

  1. Check the design of retail displayed on the e-commerce website
  2. Verify the URL of the website
  3. Run a virus scan
  4. Inspect the Refund policy; if there is a no return policy, it is most likely that the website is fake
  5. Browse the brand selection
  6. Check for a language barrier and spelling/grammar
  7. Examine the contact details
  8. Are the prices too cheap to be true?
  9. Determine the domain age using WHOIS.net
  10. Verify the privacy policy