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The noble sport from Muay Thai training gym at Phuket in Thailand for everyone

Thailand has been the country of origin for Muay Thai. It started out centuries ago as a form of self-defense among military forces. Over the years it has developed into a popular form of martial arts, and it has become part of established organizations such as MMA and UFC. In order to become competent in this sport it is essential to exercise a lot, and this is also the purpose of training camps all across Thailand and also in other parts of the world. Thai boxing has produced a large number of highly respected champions, but it is also become very popular because of its weight loss and fitness benefits. This is a stand-up of form of martial arts which involves striking with various parts of the body. It is also frequently referred to as the art of eight limbs and this is because several body parts is involved such as the shins, knees, elbows and also the fists. Over the years Muay Thai has become incredibly popular especially when people from Western countries or Thailanders who has received training in Muay Thai started to compete around the world. If you have time, everyone can try at a Muay Thai training camp or gym in Thailand or Phuket city.

Many different influences

Muay Thai is related to several other martial arts styles such as Tomoi, Pradal Serey, Lethwey, Muay Lao, Muay Boran and Muay Chaiya. Muay Boran was most influential in the development of Muay Thai. Someone who practices Muay Thai is also known as a Nak Muay. However, any foreigner practicing Muay Thai is sometimes referred to as Nak Muay Farana which simply means foreign boxer. Over the years this form of martial arts has established itself as one of the best balanced martial arts disciplines available today. There is a large number of Muay Thai training camps all across Thailand and also in other parts of the world. Now there are many Muay Thai training gyms at Phuket city. There are also increasing numbers of people who only practice this sport because of its weight loss and fitness benefits. However, there are even more people who are incredibly committed to Muay Thai. They are so passionate about this sport to the point where it takes over their entire life. Many of these passionate individuals eventually become well-known champions of this form of martial arts.

Developed over many centuries

This form of martial arts was first used in the 16th-century. Soldiers of King Naresuan practice this form of martial arts especially in peacetime. The first foreigner who was treated to a display of Muay Thai ws the French diplomat Simeon de la Loubere who was at that time a representative which was sent by King Louis XIV to the Kingdom of Siam in 1687. This experience was reported about in a book by the name of Du Royaume de Siam in 1688. Even though it is certainly true that Muay Thai was an excellent fighting technique for use in actual warfare it very soon was also developing into a popular sport. A large number of opponents would then compete in front of spectators. Over time this type of contest became part of the culture and tradition and very soon competitions was integrated into many different celebrations and festivals. Suwitmuaythai with much value is a Muay Thai training camp which has information of Muay Thai and Phuket city.  So, the training program at a Muay Thai gym is the good experience.

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